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On the first and third Saturday of each month volunteers are welcomed to join GARS members in working at the Fort Daniel Archaeology Lab. Below are some materials that might help you to familiarize with lab work on artifacts and archaeology in general:

Hopefully, these materials can give you an idea about what archaeology is and about archaeology lab work. More materials will be added when they become available.

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Below are some of the organizations that GARS partners with to preserve history through archaeology:

Gwinnett Archaeological Research Society educates the public about the local archaeological resources and advocates the preservation of these sites.

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Each month Gwinnett Archaeology Research Society (GARS) members and friends receive the "Gwinnett Archaeology Bulletin" newsletter. The newsletter is chalked full of upcoming events for the area, archaeology news, and organizational news for Fort Daniel Foundation (FDF) and GARS. Below are the latest newsletters:

If you are interested in a specific issue of "Gwinnett Archaeology Bulletin" or want to subscribe,  please email GARS.


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