Gwinnett Archaeological Research Society

Gwinnett Archaeological Research Society (GARS) meets on the third Tuesday of each month at Fort Daniel Archaeological Site (2505 Braselton Hwy, Buford, GA). Beginning at 7pm, the monthly meetings consist of a short business meeting and special presentations on various subjects from recent archaeological investigations to historical sites.

GARS will have a special-called business meeting during the Christmas Party on Sunday, December 16. The next GARS meeting will be on Tuesday, February 19. More information will be available soon.

Keep an eye on this page or GARS Facebook page for upcoming events.

Each month GARS strives to participate in either an archaeological excavation or a field trip. Keep an eye on this page or GARS Facebook page for any upcoming field trips.

Archaeological Projects

Gwinnett Archaeological Research Society
2505 Braselton Highway
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Gwinnett Archaeological Research Society educates the public about the local archaeological resources and advocates the preservation of these sites.

There are several projects in the works, which might include returning to previous archaeological projects: Graves Soapstone and Fort Peachtree! However, keep checking this page or GARS Facebook page for updates. Below is a list of some projects:

  • Hills Mill Site: A Phase I Archaeological Resource Survey is being planned for this summer or early fall at the original site of Hills Mill. Wayne and Eli Stancel are Hill descendants who have located and researched the site. With some mill features still clearly visible, this should prove to be an exciting and fruitful investigation. The survey will include a pedestrian survey of the site to determine its boundaries based on visible features, systematic metal detection, and limited shovel testing. Additional help will be needed for processing any collected artifacts, which after careful study, will be turned over the County. The fieldwork will be done on one or two weekend days. The potential date for this project will be the first of November. GARS members will be informed through email with the specific date.
  • Fort Harrison Site: Another Phase I Archaeological Reconnaissance Survey is in the early stages of development and will also probably be done during the summer or early fall. Tyler Holman has been researching the location of Fort Harrison—second in the line of forts after Fort Daniel along the Hawkins Line frontier. This survey would be similar to the Hills Mill survey but relying more on metal detection and mapping its results since there are no above-ground features—like at Fort Daniel. GARS members will be informed through email with the specific date.

GARS will be continuing with the Wynne-Russell project and recently finished a small survey of the Henry Site (See GAB September 2018). Additionally, this month a group of volunteers will be participating with Dr. Kate Deeley at the William Harris Homestead. If interested in these projects, email GARS.


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