Gwinnett Archaeological Research Society educates the public about the local archaeological resources and advocates the preservation of these sites.

Below are the media presentations of some of past and ongoing GARS archaeological projects:

More will be available when project reports have been written.

Project Report Presentations

Work on the Fort Daniel artifacts will continue throughout the winter and spring, but there will also be opportunities to work on other archaeological sites’ artifacts. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact GARS.

Participants in the archaeology lab and excavation work at Fort Daniel Archaeological Site or other sites who are not GARS members will need to fill out liability and multimedia release forms. A liability release form is required of volunteers participating in particular lab and field experience. While this is a formality, it does provide GARS with documentation that you have been informed of the risks of participating in the lab and field exercises. Additionally, because photographs and other forms of multimedia may be used to document lab and field exercises, you are required to sign a multimedia release form so that said materials may be used by GARS and FDF in multimedia presentations and promotional materials. Please download the form packet.

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Gwinnett Archaeological Research Society (GARS) has and continues to be responsible for the archaeological fieldwork at the Fort Daniel Archaeological Site in Hog Mountain, Georgia. (For more information about Fort Daniel visit the Fort Daniel Foundation Web site.)

Besides the continuing work at the Fort Daniel site, GARS also excavated at two prehistoric sites in Gwinnett County, a rock shelter and a soapstone site, and has completed excavation or survey projects at several other sites within the County and the Atlanta metro area--including  the Wynne-Russell House project, William Harris Homestead project, a pending survey of the supposed location of Fort Harrison in Jackson County, and a pending site recordation of the Hill Mill site in Gwinnett County. If you want to be like Indiana Jones and enjoy the adventure of archaeology, don't hesitate to email GARS!